Sharing Files using Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)

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AFP Shares can be created using Netatalk and Avahi from the AUR repository.

Ensure base packages are installed.

   pacman -S base-devel

Download package into the builds folder. Do this as normal (sudo) user but not root. See Installing AUR Packages for details.

   cd ~/builds
   curl -L -O
   tar -xvf netatalk.tar.gz
   cd netatalk

Check files manually to check integrity

   nano PKGBUILD


   makepkg -srfci

The same process can be used to update a package.

Shares are defined in /etc/afp.conf


   ; Netatalk 3.x configuration file
   ; Global server settings
   ; [Homes]
   ; basedir regex = /xxxx
   path = /home/john/Music
   path = /home/john/Photos
   path = /home/john/ADTPro-2.0.2/disks


   systemctl enable netatalk.service
   systemctl start netatalk.service

Bonjour (required)

   pacman -S avahi
   systemctl enable avahi-daemon.service
   systemctl start avahi-daemon.service