Installing Bluetooth (Arch Linux)

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This section describes the procedure for installing a bluetooth device on Arch Linux.

Some machines may require a bluetooth dongle. Note that devices that work in 'embedded' mode appear as USB devices. HCI devices appear as bluetooth devices.

Install the bluez and bluez-utils packages.

   pacman -S bluez bluez-utils
   modprobe btusb

Start and enable the services

   systemctl start bluetooth.service
   systemctl enable bluetooth.service

Launch bluetoothctl.


The above command returns bluetoothctl prompt.

   > power on
   > list
   > devices (may not show anything if device is new)
   > scan on (should list new devices
   > scan off
   > devices (should show the new device)
   > pair <mac addr> (Tab completion works)
   > connect <mac addr> (Tab completion works)