Installing Dropbox on Arch Linux

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When installing Dropbox on Arch Linux, there are a few extra steps that can make life simpler, these are detailed below.

Dropbox can be installed from the AUR (see Installing_AUR_Packages).

Please see the Arch Wiki for full details.

Install Dropbox from AUR

   cd ~/builds
   curl -L -O 
   tar -xvf dropbox.tar.gz 
   cd dropbox

Check files manually to check integrity


Install with

  makepkg -srfci

Aditional Steps

Consider raising the fs.max_user_notify setting in /etc/sysctl.config e.g. from 100000 to 1000000


In addition is may be beneficial to prevent Dropbox from updating automatically. This auto-update capability downloads a new binary to the ~/.dropbox-dist/ folder. The service then attempts to hand over control to this binary and dies, causing systemd to re-start the service, generating a conflict and an endless loop of log-filling.

A workaround is to prevent Dropbox from downloading the automatic update by creating the ~/.dropbox-dist/ folder and making it read-only e.g.

   $ rm -rf ~/.dropbox-dist
   $ install -dm0 ~/.dropbox-dist