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John Newcombe - Software developer with an interest in the development of Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks. John also has an interest in 8 bit computers and is the developer and maintainer of the Telstar videotex system.

Just a place to store and share stuff. Enjoy!

Popular Articles


The TELSTAR Videotex System

The TELSTAR Viewdata System is a modern application that provides a simple Viewdata platform in the style of Prestel ( For more details see The_TELSTAR_Videotex_System

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The GlassTTY YouTube Channel

If you want to relive the excitement of the communications revolution that started a decade before the internet, then check out the GlassTTY YouTube channel.

The following projects have now been moved to there own sites...

Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net

Please Note that the documentation and example code for the The Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net (GAF) has been moved to a dedicated wiki at For an introduction to the topic using the GAF see the associated article for details.

GeoUK and GeoUK.OSTN

This is a simple to use Geodetic Library for .Net that will allow simple transformation to and from British National Grid. GeoUK.OSTN is an extension to GeoUK that provides OSTN02 transfiormations, see the NuGet project page ( and the associated CodeProject article ( for details on how to use these packages.

Source code is available here

GPS Library for .Net

The GPS Library is a single .Net 4.0 Assembly designed to provide a simple object based interface to both the Garmin and Magellan range of GPS devices. In addition the GPS Library will support NMEA devices.

The GPS Library was originally sold as the Waymex GPS Library for .Net. Waymex IT Ltd no longer exists and the rights to this software now lie with me, the original author.

Whilst the original code is available at (, please note that the code has been forked by Nerzhul and is available as a NuGet package at

Older Articles

The list below shows older articles, however, it is not an exhaustive list.