Printing with CUPS (Arch Linux)

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Printing (CUPS)

   # pacman -S cups

If not already installed install Avahi

   # pacman -S avahi

Avahi provides local hostname resolution using a "hostname.local" naming scheme. To enable it, install the nss-mdns package and start avahi-daemon.service.

   # pacman -S nss-mdns

Edit the file /etc/nsswitch.conf and change the hosts line to include mdns_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] before resolve and dns:

Enable and start the Cups service

   # systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.service
   # systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service

Enable and start the Avahi service

   # systemctl enable avahi-daemon.service
   # systemctl start avahi-daemon.service

Avahi includes several utilities which help you discover the services running on a network. For example, run

   $ avahi-browse -alr