Using a Genetic Algorithm To Solve the ‘Perfect Matching’ Problem

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Emre Ataseven, in his Codeproject article ( describes how the Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net (GAF) can be used to solve the ‘Perfect Matching Problem’ in the context of Bridge teams.

Swiss Patton.png

In his article, Emre uses the GAF to generate team rounds in the game of Bridge.

Emre’s solution uses the GAF to match teams in Bridge game using the Swiss Patton technique. The aim was to generate n-1 rounds for n teams, the requirements were as follows;

  * team count shall be even;
  * each pair shall be matched only once;
  * matching close scoring teams;
  * create all possible rounds (i.e. If team count is n, n-1 possible rounds should be created).

The full solution and its similarities to the “Perfect Matching Problem” is described brilliantly by Emre in his article on Codeproject (