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Apple IIe RAM Swap the Easy Way

This post describes what I think is a fairly simple way to swap the eight soldered RAM chips found on many Apple IIe computers. There are many methods posted on the various forums about how to de-solder the existing RAM, however, I found the following approach using enamelled wire, to be very simple and effective.

Whilst this method did require some soldering skills, it did not require, the harder to obtain, de-soldering skills. Nor did the approach need any special tools apart from a simple 15 Watt soldering iron and some side cutters. Having said that I would always recommend anti-static precautions.

The aim, in my case was to add sockets to the system board so that the new RAM could be plugged in. I found that by selecting a particular socket type, the job became even more straight forward.

Before starting, disconnect the keyboard, speaker, ROM switch (if fitted) and PSU. Remove the system board, this can be done through the open lid, and retire to the bench with a mug of your favourite brew.