The Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net

Please Note that the documentation and example code for the The Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net (GAF) has been moved to a dedicated wiki at The Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net (GAF) is a really simple to use free .Net assembly that can be useful in both production and educational environments. Supplied as a […]

GeoUK and GeoUK.OSTN

GeoUK and GeoUK.OSTN This is a simple to use Geodetic Library for .Net that will allow simple transformation to and from British National Grid. GeoUK.OSTN is an extension to GeoUK that provides OSTN02 transfiormations, see the NuGet project page and the associatedCodeProject article for details on how to use these packages.

Apple IIe RAM Swap

Introduction This post describes what I think is a fairly simple way to swap the eight soldered RAM chips found on many Apple IIe computers. There are many methods posted on the various forums about how to de-solder the existing RAM, however, I found the following approach using enamelled wire, to be very simple and […]

The Genetic Algorithm Framework – Part 8

UPDATE: This article has now been integrated into the GAF documentation. The documentation can be found here. Introduction A piece of research completed in conjunction with the De Montfort University in 2013 demonstrated how the Genetic Algorithm Framework (GAF) could be used with a Software Defined Radio (SDR) system, to provide automatic frequency control (AFC). […]